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Andrea North is lavish in terms of amenities and features. One gets to enjoy resort-like amenities while investing in this excellent residential property. Most of the amenities are located on the ground floor of the property. The developers have also posted a management team to take care of the various offered amenities such that the quality of the services never faces a drop.

Andrea North, like any other well-developed residential community, is secured to the core. The developers have made sure to include a number of concrete safety measures to ensure a peaceful stay of the residents. The entrance and exit point of the property is well guarded by trained security professionals who keep a strict watch on the various incoming and outgoing individuals and vehicles. The entire property features CCTV cameras which record the various ongoing of the property. The footage of these cameras is monitored by security professionals who maintain a peaceful environment in and around the property. The reception area of Andrea North is connected to all the available units via audio and video intercom system which helps the residents to get in touch with the reception personnel via just an audio or video call. All these safety measures make Andrea North a highly safe and secure residential community.

There is a large-sized swimming pool available for the adults and a smaller pool available for the kids within Andrea North for the convenience and comfort of the occupants. The residents can have a relaxed time in these pools where the different age groups can separately enjoy their personal time without any interruptions.

There is a spacious clubhouse and a games room featured in Andrea North where the residents can spend some quality time with the other members of the property. The games room is an ideal place for the kids of the property where they can indulge in various games of their choice while still being within their residence. The clubhouse, on the other hand, can be used by the residents to host meetings, gatherings etc. These offerings further enhance the convenience of the members of Andrea North.

There is a coffee shop featured in Andrea North where the residents can anytime head with family, friends or colleagues for instant meetings that might pop up without any previous intimacy. A salon is also available on the premises of the property. The residents can head to this beauty salon for their regular grooming sessions. To further enhance the list comes a well-equipped fitness center. The occupants can visit this fitness center for their regular workout sessions. These provisions allow the residents to save a lot of traveling time which is a much convenient offering in a rushing lifestyle of today.

Last but not the least, there are a number of function rooms accommodated in Andrea North where the residents can host parties, functions, and events. This helps the residents to escape the hassle of an ideal location hunting when planning a party.

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Andrea North is an excellent residential community located in Quezon City that is crafted with perfection. This residential establishment is an ideal one that offers exceptionally spacious and roomy units to lead a comfortable lifestyle. The various available units are crafted with the best quality materials that make it worthy of your invested money.

The property is jam-packed with luxurious amenities and convenient features which makes life easy and convenient. The list of amenities includes a number of offerings including a huge adult's swimming pool, a mini kid’s pool, a large-sized clubhouse, gaming room, functions room, lush green lawns and open spaces etc. The residents can enjoy resort-like features and amenities while still being within their residence.

Andrea North is a well-secured community which provides a peaceful lifestyle to its occupants. There are trained security professionals posted at the entrance and exit points of the property who keep a proper check on all the incoming and outgoing of Andrea North. There are also CCTV cameras installed within the property which further enhances the security of Andrea North.

All in all, Andrea North is one such blend of convenience and beauty that would offer you the perfect lifestyle that you've been craving for all your life. Additionally, with such many offerings and conveniences, you can be sure of enhanced returns in the future making it an excellent investment.

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