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Andrea North is conveniently situated in New Manila, Quezon City along Balete Drive. It is situated amidst all the various essentials of life which allow the residents to lead a comfortable and peaceful life. There are a number of closely located educational establishments, restaurants, healthcare centers, commercial establishments, shopping outlets, amusement centers etc. Having such essentials located in close proximity offer an eased out lifestyle to all its residents. Therefore, if a convenient location is what you desire then Andrea North is the ideal one for you.

Having a number of educational establishments like schools, Montessori, playschools, and universities situated in close proximity allow the residents to lead a convenient lifestyle. This provision saves a lot of traveling time of the kids residing in the property which can be further put to effective use.

Emergencies might arise anytime anywhere and one must be well prepared to meet any such scenario. Andrea North is situated close to a number of healthcare centers like hospitals, clinics etc. such that one can easily handle emergencies that might arise at any time of the day.

From day-to-day grocery shopping to visiting shopping malls for shopping with the best brands, both are part of our lifestyle. We all love to shop on a regular basis or rather shopping a basic requirement of life. Andrea North eases out the shopping affair of its occupants. There are many closely located shopping outlets including supermarkets, retail counters, shopping malls etc. which can be of immense use to the residents.

Other nearby located essentials include an array of restaurants, fast food centers, eateries etc. where the residents can immediately head for instant dine out plans with family or friends. Many of such restaurants and fast food centers also provide home delivery services and you can anytime order mouth-watering delicacies as per desire.

There is an eased out mode of commutation around Andrea North which allows the residents to seamlessly commute around the city. There are cabs, buses, jeeps etc. available 24x7 that makes it easy for the residents of Andrea North to travel around without any involved hassles.

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